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EXPERT AND SAMPLER FOR ORES- METALS- SCRAP METALS- RESIDUES, publicly appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Dortmund


It is our task to sample and evaluate non-ferrous metals, alloyed steel, electronic scrap containing precious metals, residues, ores and all other recycling materials.

Proper sampling and valuation is extremely significant because it cannot be repeated any number of times, as it is the case with sample analysis. This is why the right "mixture" of the sample is important!

The objective and purpose of sampling is to remove a representative quantity of a substance from the total quantity. This sample must deliver results that apply to the total quantity of the substance in terms of variables to be measured or evaluated.

As specialists, we assure reliable performance in accordance with the practices of the metal trade. We are competent representatives of the metal trade in the filed of sampling and analysis at smelting works. We also independently ascertain for contracting parties, vendors and purchasers.

  • metal content through sampling and analysis
  • moisture-, oil-, iron- contents and fine fractions
  • metal yield and -output
  • metal content through evaluation/ estimation
  • metal content through spectral analysis
  • metal content from different cables (underground cables, household cables etc.)

Our portfolio of services also includes expert opinions in respect of

  • sampling at a contractually stipulated location, such as a port or warehouse
  • ascertaining the quality of materials with binding conclusions
  • observation of evidence to resolve a legal issue
  • provision of expert opinion in court proceedings
  • physical audits within the scope of inventory taking
  • documentation of detailed reports of results in the English language for exports to countries such as China and India.

Sampling - A Slideshow