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EXPERT AND SAMPLER FOR ORES- METALS- SCRAP METALS- RESIDUES, publicly appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Dortmund


Our chemical-metallurgical laboratory has also been available for decades as a reliable partner to members of the trade.

Our service includes the:

  • chemical analysis of metals and metal alloys
  • chemical analysis of residues, such as ashes, dross, slag,dust, sludge and catalysers
  • precious metal analysis with docimastic preparation
  • spectral analysis eluate and hazardous goods analysis
  • determination of moisture and burning loss
  • making up of sieve analysis
  • mechanical processing and melting of samples for the analysis.

It is a matter of course for us to ensure maximum precision in our performances.

We are also your partner for analysis.

Analysis of samples that are sent in, exchange analysis and arbitrational analysis are performed at our own laboratory. We also perform informative analysis as required, which assist us in the proper and precise implementation of sampling.